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Music Booklet

Booklet dedicated to the song Love Maze by BTS.


3 weeks


InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop


Content Strategy, Visual Design and Art Direction


The booklet aims to conceptualize the song Love Maze by BTS and was designed with the intent to reflect the visualization of the song’s sound and lyrics. The song has a dichotomy between the upbeat, dance/electronic sound and the lyric’s discussion of yearning to not lose a love despite the confusion and intricacy.


The design approach uses lines to reflect the visual of a maze by using lines and outlined text. The line design on the cover and infographic convey the confusion and yearning in the lyrics. The outlined type also reflects the lyrics feeling of yearning and hollowness with the confusion of love. The shades of pink signify love and romance while reflecting the light and upbeat sound. On the other hand, the contrast in shades of pink echoes the contrast between the sound and lyrics of the song. I chose the typeface Avenir by Adrian Frutiger as it fit with the strong and clean lines used within the design. In short, the overall design visualizes the song’s emotions and genre while creating unity and hierarchy.


For the cover, I used expressive typography to visualize the title of the song. The intent of the design was to reflect the ideas of a maze within the type and love with the choice of colours. After brainstorming various forms that could convey the song’s title and feel, I decided that drawing a maze with the type and using shades of pink would best reflect the song.

image 4.png
image 3.png

Cover Sketches.


image 7.png
image 6.png
image 5.png

The purpose of the infographic is to explain how the song Love Maze fits into BTS’s story that is being told throughout their album trilogy titled Love Yourself. The infographic’s design continued the theme of lines creating pathways to guide the information on the page. Through various iterations, the design felt very tight and lacked white space. To solve this, the final design had one pathway to lead the eye through the information. This created more clarity while still having unity and balance with the other pages and designs.

Infographic Mockups

Interior Pages

Interior Roughs 25.png
Interior Roughs 3.png
Interior Roughs 22.png
Interior Roughs 34 1.png
Interior Roughs 37.png

For the interior pages, I tried to push the art direction in a way that suited the content of the pages. For each page, I stayed consistent with the typography for unity and harmony. I tried to explore various layouts while staying within the art direction that I had laid out.

Interior Page Mockups


Overall, I was really satisfied with the visual art direction and unified feel of the booklet. I gained experience developing art direction, branding and building my knowledge in print design. Moving forward, I would expand the booklet to feature more pages that relate to the entire album that the song is a part of. This would bring more unity to the content of the book. I would also explore the visual design of the infographic further to have better flow.

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