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Discovery Playlist

A quiz based playlist generator to discover new music.


3 weeks




UI Design, User Research, Content Strategy and User Flow


Discover Playlist is a feature inspired by the increase of intuitive tools for tailoring music suggestions to the user. Discovery Playlist is a feature for SoundCloud that allows users to partake in a quick quiz to understand what music they wish to explore. The purpose of this feature is for users to have more control over what music they want to explore and allow local artists to have more exposure.


Two adults between the ages of 20 and 25 participated in virtual one-on-one interviews. Each interview lasted approximately 30 minutes via Discord where participants were asked a series of questions related to their familiarity with Soundcloud and their music streaming preferences.

adding playlist.png
adding music.png

Walkthrough of reasearched features.



Generating playlists and searching music were features used the most.


The users enjoy seeing suggestions based on the music they currently listen to.


Users found difficulty creating playlists and adding songs to them. There is a lack of opportunity to search or find songs when creating a playlist.

Problem Statement

How might we make a feature that could give users control to create playlists more fluidly and allows users to discover new music?

Potential Solutions

Optimizing the search bar

The new feature would display recently played and suggested songs, albums or audios from the user.

iPhone 13 Pro Max - 1.png
iPhone 13 Pro Max - 2.png
iPhone 13 Pro Max - 3.png

Wireframes for search bar feature.

Mood based Playlist Generator

This feature would generating playlists based on the users mood of the day.

Group 29.png
Group 28.png
Group 27.png

Wireframes for mood based playlist generator feature.

At this point of my project, I was given feedback that my solutions heavily relied on the application’s algorithms and system to generate song suggestions and playlist creation. The teaching staff advised me to continue working with the mood based playlist generator and incorporate more user control. I revised the solution and began working on the final solution.

Final Solution

From this project, I was able to build experience designing UI, prototyping and conducting user research. The teaching staff suggested I elevate the feature by giving the user more control with song selection. To incorporate the suggestion, I added a like and dislike ability so that users can control what song suggestions are kept and deleted off the playlist. If I were to revisit this feature, I would conduct more research in order to tailor the quiz questions to form better song recommendations for the user.

cover image.png

Mockup of final feature design.

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